The Tragic Tale of Vakarvery Scott: From Promising Athlete to Life Behind Bars

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3 min readMar 2, 2024
The Tragic Tale of Vakarvery Scott: From Promising Athlete to Life Behind Bars

A Promising Start

Vakarvery Scott, once a shining star in the athletic community, is a name that now evokes a mix of sorrow and disbelief among those who knew him. His journey from a hopeful young football player to a convicted murderer is a stark reminder of how quickly life can spiral out of control.

Early Years and Athletic Aspirations

Born and raised in Tampa, Scott’s athletic talent was evident from a young age. As a child, he played for the Jaguars in the Tampa Bay Youth Football League, where he was known as “V-Man”. His prowess on the field, coupled with the support of a close-knit family, seemed to set him on a path to success. Scott attended Hillsborough High School, excelling in both baseball and football, and upon graduation in 2019, he earned a scholarship to play football at Trinity International University in Illinois.

A Turn for the Worse

However, the promising trajectory of Scott’s life took a drastic turn upon his return to Tampa. His encounter with violence began in June 2020, when he was shot in the hip while driving, an incident that seemed to foreshadow his future troubles. Though he survived, the event marked a departure from his promising path. Scott’s subsequent arrests for minor offenses suggested a life gradually veering off course.

The Fateful Incident

The downward spiral culminated in December 2021, when Scott, at the age of 22, was involved in a devastating shooting. According to reports, he fired into a vehicle carrying 21-year-old nursing student Savannah Mathis and her 19-year-old sister near Julian B. Lane Riverfront park, resulting in Mathis’s death and injuries to her sister. This act of violence was not only a tragedy for the victims and their family but also marked the end of Scott’s future as he knew it.

Savannah Mathis

The Investigation and Trial