The Tragic Case of Madeline Kingsbury: Did the Allegedly Adusive Ex Do it?

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3 min readOct 5, 2023
Madeline Kingsbury

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the case of Madeline Kingsbury, a 26-year-old mother of two, has shocked the nation. Her disappearance in late March and the subsequent discovery of her remains 69 days later have unraveled a chilling story of abuse and violence. This article delves into the harrowing details of the case, highlighting the alleged actions of her ex-partner, Adam Fravel, and the impact it has had on her family and the community.

The Disappearance and Discovery

Madeline Kingsbury’s disappearance sent shockwaves through her community and captured national attention. On the morning of March 31st, she had her last contact with her family before vanishing without a trace.

Despite extensive efforts by law enforcement and hundreds of volunteers, her body was not discovered until June 7th. It was found concealed in a wooded area in Fillmore County, Minnesota, just north of Mabel, where Fravel’s family resides.

The Allegations of Abuse

As investigators delved deeper into the case, disturbing allegations of abuse by Adam Fravel began to surface. Friends and family revealed that Kingsbury had confided in them about the physical abuse she had endured at the hands of Fravel for years.

One friend even stated that Kingsbury had warned them, “If anything happens to me, know that Adam did it.” These allegations shed light on the tumultuous nature of their relationship and the fear that Kingsbury lived with every day.

Signs of Trouble

In the weeks leading up to her disappearance, there were several signs that pointed to trouble in Kingsbury’s relationship with Fravel. They were in the process of separating, and Kingsbury had recently met someone else.

The warrants revealed that she had visited a friend at the hospital, where she expressed her concerns about Fravel’s behavior, claiming that he had been “beating the hell out of her for years.” Her friend recalled Kingsbury warning her that Fravel would be responsible if anything terrible happened to her.

The Gabby Petito Connection

Another disturbing revelation from the search warrants was Fravel’s alleged obsession with the Gabby Petito case. Kingsbury had texted friends, stating that Fravel had compared her to Petito, warning her that she would “end up like Gabby Petito” if she didn’t comply with his demands.

This eerie connection to another infamous case of domestic violence added another layer of complexity to the investigation.

Attempts to Conceal Evidence

The search warrants provided insight into Fravel’s attempts to cover his tracks and evade detection.

It was revealed that he had wiped his phone of location tracking and taken down surveillance cameras one day before Kingsbury’s disappearance. These actions raised suspicions and indicated a calculated effort to avoid leaving behind any incriminating evidence.

Charges and Court Proceedings

On June 9th, Winona County prosecutors charged Adam Fravel with second-degree murder in connection with Kingsbury’s death. During his initial court appearance, bail was set at $1 million with conditions.

The charging documents detailed the history of abuse and the circumstances surrounding Kingsbury’s disappearance. Prosecutors indicated that more charges may be forthcoming, including the possibility of first-degree murder charges requiring a grand jury’s involvement.

Impact on the Community

The tragic loss of Madeline Kingsbury has had a profound impact on her family, friends, and the community at large. The outpouring of support and grief at her memorial service highlighted the lasting impact she had on those who knew her.

The custody of Kingsbury’s two young children, aged 2 and 5, currently resides with her father, further underscoring the devastating consequences of this senseless act of violence.

Seeking Justice

Prosecutors have made it clear that they are committed to seeking justice for Madeline Kingsbury.

They intend to hold Adam Fravel accountable to the fullest extent of the law, ensuring that he faces the consequences of his alleged actions. The community, along with Kingsbury’s loved ones, is hopeful that the legal proceedings will bring them closure and a sense of justice.


The case of Madeline Kingsbury serves as a sobering reminder of the devastating consequences of domestic violence. Her tragic story has shed light on the importance of recognizing the signs of abuse, supporting survivors, and holding perpetrators accountable.

As the legal process unfolds, the hope for justice and healing remains steadfast, keeping the memory of Madeline Kingsbury alive while advocating for a safer and more compassionate society.