The Kaitlin Armstrong Trial: Unraveling the Murder of Anna Moriah Wilson

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2 min readNov 3, 2023
Kaitlin Armstrong

The trial of Kaitlin Armstrong, a Texas yoga teacher charged with the murder of professional cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson, has captivated the nation. Wilson, a rising star in the cycling community, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds at her friend’s home in Austin in May 2022. As the trial unfolds, the prosecution presents a compelling case against Armstrong, alleging that she tracked Wilson’s movements before the murder and shot her out of jealousy. However, the defense argues that the evidence is circumstantial and lacks concrete proof of Armstrong’s involvement. In this article, we delve deep into the details of the case, examining the facts, the players involved, and the key moments in the trial.

The Victim: Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson

Anna Moriah Wilson, affectionately known as Mo, was a remarkable talent in the world of cycling. Born and raised in Vermont, Wilson grew up in an athletic family and developed a passion for mountain biking. After graduating from Dartmouth College in 2019, she dedicated herself to professional cycling and quickly became a force to be reckoned with in gravel racing. Her impressive performances and infectious personality made her a beloved figure in the cycling community. Tragically, her promising career was cut short when she was shot and killed at the age of 25.

The Love Triangle: Wilson, Armstrong, and Strickland

At the heart of the case is a complicated love triangle involving Wilson, Kaitlin Armstrong, and Colin Strickland. Wilson briefly dated Strickland, a professional cyclist based in Austin, while he was on a break from his three-year relationship with Armstrong. Wilson and Strickland remained friends and continued to interact within the cycling community. Armstrong, however, allegedly became jealous of Wilson and her relationship with Strickland. Prosecutors claim that this jealousy ultimately led Armstrong to commit the murder.

The Night of the Murder: May 11, 2022

On the evening of May 11, 2022, Wilson spent time with Strickland before her untimely death. They swam together at a local pool and had dinner at a popular establishment in Austin. Strickland then dropped Wilson off at her friend Caitlin Cash’s apartment. Tragically, it was the last time anyone saw Wilson alive. Later that night, Cash discovered Wilson’s lifeless body in