8 Passengers mom arrested, what was going on in her marriage?

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The divorce of Ruby and Kevin Franke, the popular stars of the YouTube series “8 Passengers,” has captivated the internet and left fans demanding answers. Speculations about their alleged separation in 2023 have been fueled by the couple’s sudden absence from social media. In this article, we will delve into the details of their relationship, the rumors surrounding their divorce, and the impact on their family.

The Rise of Ruby and Kevin Franke

Ruby Franke gained immense popularity on YouTube after starting the channel “8 Passengers,” where she shared glimpses of her large family’s life. The channel quickly amassed over 2.2 million subscribers, making the Franke family internet sensations. Alongside Ruby, her husband Kevin Franke played a prominent role in the series, offering insights into their everyday lives.

Signs of Trouble

Despite the seemingly perfect image portrayed on their YouTube channel, signs of trouble began to emerge. Speculation intensified when two of their six children, Chad and Shari, were allegedly estranged from the family. Additionally, viewers expressed concerns about the parents’ treatment of their kids, leading to doubts about the stability of their family.

The Mystery Deepens

As rumors of the Franke’s divorce spread, the couple chose to remain silent, further fueling the speculation. Netizens noticed significant changes in their online presence, including Kevin’s absence from the “Moms of Truth” Facebook group and the lack of recent family-produced content on social media. Furthermore, keen observers pointed out that Ruby no longer wore her wedding band in videos, and Kevin had not been seen on her Instagram since December 2021.

Are Ruby and Kevin Franke Still Together?

The question on everyone’s mind is whether Ruby and Kevin Franke are still together. Despite the rampant reports about their divorce, the couple has not made an official announcement or confirmation. It is important to note that rumors alone do not constitute concrete evidence of a divorce. However, the absence of a response from the couple has left fans and followers in a state of uncertainty.

Unraveling Kevin Franke’s Background

Kevin Franke, the husband of Ruby Franke, played a significant role in the “8 Passengers” series. Away from the spotlight, Kevin worked as an assistant civil engineer at Brigham Young University. He pursued his education diligently, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Utah State University, a master’s degree from the University of Washington, and a PhD from Brigham Young University. Prior to his work at the university, he gained valuable experience as a professional geotechnical/earthquake engineering consultant.

The Franke Family: A Closer Look

Ruby and Kevin Franke are proud parents to six children, each with unique personalities. Their children, namely Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve, often featured in the “8 Passengers” series, capturing the hearts of viewers. However, since the family’s disappearance from social media, details about the Franke children have become scarce. It is unclear how the divorce has affected their lives and relationships with one another.

The Controversy Surrounding Ruby Franke’s Arrest

In August 2023, Ruby Franke, the matriarch of the Franke family and the face of the “8 Passengers” series, was arrested on suspicion of child abuse. The arrest came after years of criticism about her parenting and rumors of a family torn apart. The news shocked fans, further deepening the mystery surrounding the Franke family. It remains to be seen how this arrest will impact their divorce proceedings and the future of their family.

The Public’s Reaction

The public’s reaction to the Franke’s divorce and Ruby’s arrest has been intense. Fans who were once captivated by the family’s YouTube series are now demanding answers and explanations. The internet has been ablaze with discussions, speculation, and theories about the reasons behind the divorce and the truth behind the rumors. The Franke family’s story has become a topic of fascination and intrigue, with millions of people eagerly awaiting updates.

The Future of the Franke Family

As the divorce proceedings and legal issues unfold, the future of the Franke family remains uncertain. The well-being of the children is of utmost importance, and it is hoped that they will receive the support and care they need during this challenging time. Ruby and Kevin Franke’s decision to keep their personal lives private has added to the enigma surrounding their divorce, leaving fans anxiously awaiting any updates or clarification.



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